2021 Halloween Costumes

October 31st isn't too far away! Get ready for the spooky season with these kid-friendly DIY Halloween costumes that won't break the bank. Even better, these costumes work for all ages!

  1. Sheet Ghost

Keep it simple. Ghost costumes never go out of style, and there's a reason they keep coming back year after year. We all know the steps for this one. Grab an old sheet and cut out some eye holes. You can keep it trendy by adding a pair of sunglasses.

2. Olivia Rodrigo

Here's how to dress up as one of the biggest pop stars at the moment. Her album cover is super easy to recreate, as the most important feature is the stickers.

You can use stickers you already have at home, or you can purchase Olivia Rodrigo-themed packs on Etsy, like this one below.

Pair this with any tank top and skirt, and everyone will immediately recognize the iconic "Good 4 U" singer.

3. Fruit

Whether your child is going solo or in a group, dressing up as your favorite fruit is a perfect DIY costume.

Grab an old colorful shirt and use fabric paint or markers to create the seeds, pit, or the outside of your chosen fruit!

You can also grab a fruit-themed headband from Frogsac to complete the look!

If you're dressed up as a cherry, watermelon, or kiwi, your costume can even double as a Harry Styles tour outfit!

4. Pink Cowgirl

You can dress this costume up as much as you'd like. You can stay simple with a pink cowboy hat, or go all out with boots, a boa, bandanas and more!

Don't forget to pair it with a cute hairstyle!

5. Taylor Swift

So many eras to choose from!

For Folklore / Evermore Taylor, try thrifting a big chunky sweater to emulate her cottage core vibes.

Or take a ride back to 2012 to celebrate the release of Red Taylor's Version (coming out on November 19th, 2021) and grab some high-waisted red shorts and a sparkly top!

Or throw it way back to "You Belong With Me" with this iconic costume. All you need are glasses, an old white shirt, and pajama bottoms!

Have your kids' friends sign the shirt as a great memory, too!

What costume is your favorite? Let us know and don't forget to check us out on Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram!