Everything You Need to Know About VSCO Girls

A parent's guide to the VSCO Girl trend.

Have you noticed that your tween or teen girl has been regularly wearing oversized T-shirts, shell necklaces, messy buns held in place with scrunchies, begging for you to buy them $35 Hydro Flask? she may be a VSCO girl.

What does VSCO Girl mean?

The trend was named after the popular photo-editing app called VSCO. At first the term "VSCO girl" was a playful name for someone who tried too hard to make her photo feed look cool or to become internet-famous by using the VSCO app. Overtime the term evolved to describing a certain type of girl with a specific trendy look when it made its way to TikTok, the short-form social media video app that is hugely popular among teens. There are millions of videos on the platform with the hashtag #VSCO & #VSCOgirl that have gained billions of views.

What is the VSCO Girl look?

A VSCO Girl is strongly committed to the overall aesthetic look which is all about the California surfer girl, laid back vibes. VSCO Girls care about the environment, wear minimal makeup, and like pastel colors. They also love brands like Urban Outfitters and Brandy Melville that match their aesthetic.

The VSCO Girl Slang

  1. "Sksksksksk," is a phrase that's mostly typed, sort of like smashing your keyboard out of happiness or excitement. It can also stand in for laughter, or saying "OMG".

  2. "and I oop," means to express in shock or surprise or even embarrassment. The term originated from a youtube video created by Drag Queen Jasmine Masters. Check out the video below!

The Future of VSCO Girls

Although by now the trend has already turned itself into more of a joke, the core values of the VSCO Girl are still prominent today. Younger generations are the lead advocates for raising awareness about global warming and saving the environment. With that being said, they still will want/use their metal straws and Hydro Flasks. As for the oversized t-shirts, puka necklaces, and scrunchies, they probably will only last till the end of Summer.