DIY Children Face Mask Lanyards

​Of course, masks are absolutely necessary to keep us safe during this time, but there are certainly a few inconveniences that come a long with it. For example, if I'm walking along on the street, I have my mask in my hand or pocket and when someone is walking towards me, we both have to scramble to get our masks on, or at certain tables, there are signs that say, "keep your mask in your lap. NOT on the table" which has resulted in my mask falling on the dirty ground. As an adult, I can't imagine how difficult it would be for our children as well.

With these fun DIY lanyard for masks for children and adults, all of these problems can be solved! A bonus is once mask-wearing is over, you can use them for your glasses or sunglasses.

Things You Will Need:

- Fun-Weevz Connectables Loops and Charms ($8.95)

- A mask of your choice.

1. Open your bag of Fun-Weevz Connectables Loops and Charms

2. Decide on a color pattern for your beads.

You've probably already thought about this when you ordered your kit. But it's helpful to lay out a color pattern at this point, so you don't have to undo something later.

3. Take a Loop & Clip and link them together.

4. Add a personal touch by adding charms to your lanyard if you would like.

5. Continue this process until you are satisfied with the length.

6. Attach your lanyard by linking your end clips to the ear straps of the mask of your choice.

7. There you have your very own Face Mask Lanyard!