DIY Hair Bows for Little Girls

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest Instagram trend of all? My friends, sure, hair clips, headbands, and pearls are the fairest here so true, but bows are a thousand times more beautiful to you. Hair bows in all shapes and sizes have been dominating our Instagram feeds this year thanks to influencers like JoJo Siwa. Today we will show you how to create your very own hair bows with just left over ribbon and hot glue!

Things you will need:

- Large Ribbon of your choice

- Scissors

- Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

- A hair tie of your choice

1. Chose a large ribbon of your choice and cut your ribbon into two even strips at 3.5cm/21cm. Cut a third smaller piece at 2.5cm/6.5cm.

2. Fold the larger ribbon in half to make a crease.

3. Then add a strip of glue at each of the edges and fold the edges in to the crease.

4. Repeat to the other large ribbon.

5. You will then pinch the edges in and add a dot of glue.

6. Flip the bow over and repeat the previous step. Pinch the edges in and add a dot of glue.

7. Repeat these steps to other strip.

8. Once you have finished with both ribbons, your next step is to glue them together.

9. Take your hair tie and glue the center of the hair tie to the middle of your bow.

10. Now take your smaller ribbon strip and glue the edges together on both sides.

11. Once that is complete wrap you smaller ribbon strip around the middle and glue at the center of the bow.

There you have your very own DIY hair bow!