DIY Kiara's Heishi Necklace from Outer Banks

Netflix's Outer Banks is quite the sensation, and fans are going wild for the fashion on the show, especially Kiara's layered beaded necklace. Here is a DIY tutorial on how to make Kiara from Outer Banks famous necklace:

Things you will need:

- Beads ($7.98)

- Necklace Wire ($5.61)

- Clamp Ends ($8.98)

- Lobster Clasp & Jump Rings ($5.99)

- Extender Chain ($6.99)

- Pliers

(an alternative option is to buy a whole Heishi Kit on Amazon for $16.99)

1. Decide on a color pattern for your beads.

You've probably already thought about this when you ordered your kit. But it's helpful to lay out a color pattern at this point, so you don't have to undo something later.

2. Once you've got your pattern planned out, cut a piece of necklace wire about 12" long.

3. Take your clamp end and thread the necklace wire through.

4. Take your pliers and your jump ring, you are now going to open up your jump ring.

5. Slide your lobster clasp through the Jump ring and close the ring back up.

6. Thread it onto the necklace wire after your clamp end bead. After that you thread the end of the wire back into the clamp end again.

7. When you see it just a little bit through the clamp, you grab the bead pull it to the very top.

8. Lastly grab your crimp tool or pliers and press down on the clamp end to secure.

9. Start stringing your beads on to the wire, following your pattern.

10. After you finished stringing your beads, you will want to grab your extender and another clamp end. You will now string your clamp end and extender exactly the way you did it with the lobster clasp.

11. Fold the end of the wire through the crimp bead a second time. Again you want to hold the clamp end bead and pull it to the very end.

12. Finally you will grab your crimp tool or pliers and press down on the clamp end bead to secure.

And there you have your very own Kiara from Outer Banks Heishi Necklace!