Easy Hairstyles You Can ACTUALLY Do.

Have you ever watched a complicated Youtube video to try and learn a new hairstyle, and realize it feels totally impossible? We've all been there. This school year, don't fret. We have compiled a list of six easy, cute, and practical hairstyles for your children (or for you!) These hairstyles work on any length or type of hair and can be adjusted as needed. Make sure to follow along with the videos below!

  1. Bubble Pigtails

If you or your daughters were on Alabama Rush TikTok, you may notice this one looks familiar. Using clear hair ties, (which you can pick up from any drug store) section off the two sides of your hair. On one side, create small sections in the hair with the hair ties and fan out the hair so it "bubbles" out. It's as easy as one, two, three, and yet looks incredibly put together. Repeat on the other side for a cute, updated pigtail look.

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2. Two Little Braids

Sometimes the smallest detail can elevate your entire look. Take a small chunk of hair on each side of your head and do a simple three-stand braid. Again, simplicity is key here! This is so simple but would work great for a picnic

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3. Pigtails With a Headband

Take two small sections of your hair and create symmetrical pigtails on either side of your head. (The best way to do this is using small, clear hair ties) Then, turn those small pigtails into a simple three-strand-braid, tying the end with another clear hair tie. Leave out either your curtain bangs or some baby hairs to really complete the look. And don't forget to top it off with a Frogsac headband!

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4. Braided Pigtails

Similar to the video above, this look takes a larger chunk of hair for the braided pigtails and shows a slightly different way to style them, especially if you don't have those clear hair ties. You can also pair this one with a headband, too!

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5. Twisted Pigtails

This hairstyle takes a twist on the classic pigtail. First, part all of your hair into two sections. In the first section, use a clear hair tie to section off of your hair. Create an opening in the hair to pull the end of the sectioned hair through. This creates a nice, twisted look with minimal effort. Repeat one to two times on the same side of your hair, depending on hair length, and on the other side of your sectioned hair as well.

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6. Braids with a Bun

Sometimes you need a hairstyle that keeps everything away from your face. This is the perfect style for those times!

Once again, take two small sections of your hair from each side and do a simple braid. Next, take all of your hair (except some baby hairs in the front) and throw it into a messy bun. The best part about a messy bun? They don't have to be perfect! Elevating your messy bun with the braids helps keep this style school, sports, or playing outside ready!

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