From Mom Jeans to Middle Parts, What You Need to Know About This Summer’s Trends

The days of skinny jeans are long behind us.

It may seem as though trends are changing faster than you can keep up with - and that's because they are! With the rise of TikTok, fashion trends are switching up constantly and it can feel difficult to know what's up, especially if you have young kids.

Lucky for you, this blog will help you get ready for summer and keep you and your kids looking on trend as ever.

  1. Say goodbye to your side part!

(Even if just for a summer!)

The great part about switching up your hair part? It's not permanent! Unlike bangs or bleach, a middle part is a fun, easy way to switch up your style for the summer, and if you're not a fan, it's an easy switch back!

Watch a middle part transformation below!

2. Mom Jeans. Trust me.

I know, I know. Skinny jeans are still great, and I can't lie they're great for those mornings when you don't know what to wear. But mom jeans are in style for a reason! While they run a little bit bigger, they're perfect for moving around, they're easy to dress up, and super flattering on every body type!

Remember to read the reviews and try sizing up from your normal size!

3. Embroider your bag!

Try embroidering little flowers onto your canvas or tote bag. This is a fun way to make your bag standout, and pick up a new hobby along the way!

If you aren't sure where to start, your local craft store will have all you need - a needle, colorful thread, and a blank canvas tote! There's plenty of patterns online, or you can free style.

4. Fruit patterns!

Maybe Harry Styles is to blame for this one, but fruit patterns are one of the latest trends for summer. From lemons to melons, strawberries and kiwis, try picking up a fruit patterned shirt, tablecloth, or even a painting the next time you spot one.

(And don't forget to pick up a Frogsac fruit headband for your little ones while you're at it!)

5. Crochet tops!

This is another one you can try out for yourself with patterns found online, or purchasing from a small business on Etsy.

Unique, perfect for summer, and supporting a small business. What more could you ask for?

If you can, try shopping from smaller businesses this summer. Etsy is a great resource for women and BIPOC owned businesses that need your help staying afloat. Homemade, ethically sourced, and supporting our sisters!

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