Patriotic Party Ideas

With many of us not being able to celebrate last year, let's make this Independence Day count.

As states start to open back up, and with this holiday falling on a Sunday, get your summer kicked off on a great start with a fun 2021 Fourth of July themed party. From snacks to crafts to decoration ideas, here's how you can throw a unique and memorable party for parents and kids alike.


Try out this unique tye die shirt! Sometimes tie-dye can take forever, but when you're only using two colors, it can go by a lot quicker. You can try this design above, but as always with tie-dye, going your own way always makes a great design as well.

Don't forget your festive FrogSac Headbands!

Links for all the headbands here!

Food and Drink

This stars and stripes fruit cake is a classic independence day treat, and it can be something your kids help you out with.

But, if you don't feel like showing off the American flag in your dessert, try a more subtle option.

Vanilla frosting on your favorite cake recipe with blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries on top is the perfect way to show off red, white, and blue.

If cake isn't your thing, try out this charcuterie board! Adjust to your food preferences accordingly.

And you can't forget the punch!

Try using blue raspberry syrup, cranberry juice, and a kid friendly pina colda for this layered drink. Adding a liqorish straw is the perfect cherry on the top.

If you want to make an Italian soda, use your choice of syrup, half and half, and sprite or seltzer water for a colorful drink your kids won't forget.


Many 4th of July crafts can be messy, and might not be something you want to keep around the house for the rest of the yeaar. But this hand print flag is something memorable that has a piece of your child directly stamped on!

The only thing you might need to go out and buy are the paint sticks, otherwise you should have all these supplies on hand! Paint the sticks white and red, then blue up at the top corner as you can see above. Then, paint your child's hand white and stamp once! The handprint becomes the star of the flag. This can even be something you make every year as your child grows.

Decorations / Aesthetic

If you're looking to keep things simple, go for an old school, vintage Americana theme. Muted colors, light wood, and classic American decor like old Coca-Cola.


Don't forget to throw on a themed playlist as well! Click the photos below to see each playlist.

We hope this weekend is a memorable one as you celebrate with your friends and family. Remember to be safe and be sure to tag us in your photos if you use any of these ideas!

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