Early 2000's Trends That Your Child Will Want in Their Wardrobe This Year

Parents, start your bedazzlers, because the '00s are back. Here are the cutest 2000s trends that deserve a revival in your child's closet.

It's hard to believe the days of jamming out to Destiny's Child and copying all of Paris Hilton's outfits have been left in the past for almost over 20 years now. While most of us assumed that many of the questionable fashion trends of the early 2000s would remain in our photo albums and on VHS tapes, plenty of the era’s style staples are undergoing a renaissance thanks to teens and the platform TikTok. Thankfully for you, I compiled all of the 2000's comeback trends your children will want in their wardrobe this year!

Colorful Tinted Sunglasses

The 90's ultra-thin sunglasses have been enjoying a revival for quite some time now. However, this summer we've seen virtually the early 2000's colorful lenses are taking over. Taking a trip down memory lane here's Brittney Spears rocking her pink lenses!

From colorful oversized funky shapes to small cat-eye lenses there are plenty of updated cute takes on this trend now! Check out these fashionable pink sunglasses from Trendsetting Tots Accessories.

Sunglasses from Trendsetting Tots Accessories: $12.99

Frog Sac Headband from Frog Sac: $14.95

Tote from TotesAdorable: $28.00

Statement Headbands

The early 2000's gave us one of the most popular shows at the time Gossip Girl. If you were a hard-core Gossip Girl fan, you might be excited to hear that kid's are bringing back the iconic Blair Waldorf's statement headbands.

From cheetah prints topknots to the iconic Blair Waldorf's velvet thick headbands, check out Frog Sac's website to find trendy and affordable statement headbands! (and the best part? Mom's you can wear them too!) This trademark accessory is, once again, sitting on the top steps of the MET. 

Frog Sac Headband: $9.95

Trendsetting Sunglasses: $13.99

TotesAdorable Tote: $34.00

Cherry Crumble Dress: $22.00

Hair Clips

If Lizzie McGuire has taught us anything, it's the importance of hair accessories. The use of Butterfly clips, colorful snap clips, and chunky plastic barrettes were a huge staple piece in the 2000's that gave us an opportunity to express ourselves!

Thanks to the new TikTok "e-girl" trend, snap hair clips have made a huge comeback this past year. That trend has developed to a more variety of clips and barrettes including these funky flower shaped clips!

Zozu Hair Clips: $8.00

Track Suits

With people stuck at home because of quarantine, our wardrobes are starting to reflect today's climate. How do we dress cozy sweats into a more fashionable way? The answer is Track Suits.

A huge trend in 2020 is tie dye track suits! Purchasing a set can be expensive, Instead make an activity out of it by tie dying your own. All you need is a white pair of sweats which you can find on Hanes website for only $7 each, and a tie dye kit from Amazon.